24/5, Nemi Road,Dalanwala,
Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001

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About Us


Our motto: care and share!

Eksaahas deals in hand knitted, modern looking & affordable woolen wear such as scarves, sweaters, shrugs, etc, under the label “Eksahas.” Pure Oswal wool is used for very lightweight and comfortable wear. The women in Gauri International especially work on intricate design details while knitting and bring out their creative skills.

The products created are exclusively handmade and organic to cater to the needs of our female consumers and keeping in mind their health, skin, body, and hair because the goal of this organization is not just to help women but also to take care of all the women, infants, youngsters, teens, and adults. Afterall Health is Wealth!!!


A step towards better tomorrow!!!

The project “Gauri International” started with the aim to bring a change in society towards women and give the talented and creative women a fair chance to grow in spite of their difficulties. Gauri International has successfully employed 48 underprivileged women who are not just bringing out their creative skills but also earning bread and butter for their family and children.


Designer daily wear products

All the products in “Eksahas” are hand knitted such as pull overs, sweaters, cardigans, scarfs, capes,shrugs, caps, etc. Other products include bags, towels and more which are produced to cater to the daily needs of adults, teens as well as infants.


Pure light weighted material

100% pure wool is used which is hand washable soft material and very light weight to ensure an extremely comfortable winter wear. Organic yarn, pure cotton material and blended acrylic yarn, are also used to create other products.


Traditional yet modern

All the designs are created keeping in mind the latest trends and needs of winter wear of women and kids. The idea behind every design story is to keep connected to our traditional roots where the grandmothers and mothers used to knit sweaters for the new born with love, care and affection. Similarly our team constantly work towards blending the modern taste with generations old trend.

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